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        [童話故事]The fox and the lion 狐貍與獅子
        When the fox first saw the lion he was terribly frightened. He ran away, and hid himself in the woods. The second time, however, he came near the lion. He stopped at a safe distance, and watched him pass by. The third time they came near one another [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]A Childs Dream of a Star
        There was once a child, and he strolled about a good deal, and thought of a number of things. He had a sister, who was a child too, and his constant companion. These two used to wonder all day long. They wondered at the beauty of the flowers; they w [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The Three Fishermen <1>
        There were three of them. There were four of us, and April lay on the campsite and on the river, a mixture of dawn at a damp extreme and the sun in the leaves at cajole. This was Deer Lodge on the Pine River in Ossipee, New Hampshire, though the lod [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The Three Fishermen <3>
        Then the pounding came, from inside the truck, as if a tire iron was beating at the sides of the vehicle. It was not a timid banging, not a minor signal. Bang! Bang! it came, and Bang! again. And the voice of authority from some place in space, some [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The Three Fishermen <2>
        Barely had coffee, Ed LeBlanc said, the most vocal of the four of us, quickest at friendship, at shaking hands. Weve got a whole pot almost. Have what you want. The pot was pointed out sitting on a hunk of grill across the stones of our fire, flames [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The Three Fishermen <4>
        Brother must have passed through the years in a hurry, remembering his father bringing him here as a boy. A ways back, Brother said in his clipped North Saugus fashion, outlander, specific, no waste in his words. Old Oren Bentley, it had been told u [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The Three Fishermen <5>
        Brother was still at memory, we could tell. Silence we thought was heavy about us, but there was so much going on. A bird talked to us from a high limb. A fox called to her young. We were on the Pine River once again, nearly a hundred miles from hom [閱讀全文]
        Once upon a time, there was a man named Naboth, who had a very nice vineyard. He inherited the vineyard from his father, he got a lot of money from it. One day the king passed by the vineyard, he found the yard was so beautiful that he wanted to hav [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The clever rabbit 聰明的兔子
        The wolf and the fox want to eat the rabbit, but it wasn [閱讀全文]
        [童話故事]The cat and mice 貓和老鼠
        There was once a house that was overrun with mice. A cat heard of this, and said to herself, That [閱讀全文]
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